Emotion Srl is a charging stations manufacturer and electric mobility services provider. Emotion has developed frontline and reliable solutions in the field of electric mobility, such as several charging station models and its CPO (Charging Point Operator) platform, called SpotLink. Since 2016, Emotion has been participating in European research projects, collaborating with international partners to design solutions in the field of smart grids and smart cities, focusing on IoT, cyber security and distributed ledger technologies. Emotion and ASM will demonstrate in Terni, an industrial city located in the heart of Italy, a driver-friendly scenario for smart city mobility and dispatchable charging of EVs based on renewable energy source demand-response along with human-centred smart micro-contracts and micro-payments. The use case will utilize basic geography, street-level, public transportation, weather and noise data, along with historical data and analysis of CCTV/traffic cameras to model and train distributed AI models on traffic flow and parking prediction in a greedy layer wise fashion. The transition to renewable energy and electric mobility is proceeding parallelly, creating new opportunities and new obstacles: by increasing the number of electric vehicles, the amount of electricity that must be supplied increases and, therefore, a necessary strengthening of power lines follows; moreover, this energy will progressively come from intermittent and non-programmable renewable energy plants, resulting in an energy balancing challenge. In this context, a cooperation mechanism between DSO (Distribution System Operator), CPO and EV users allows both a power lines improvement limitation and grid stability enhancement by coordinating EV charging. DSO monitors the electricity grid and, thanks to an accurate forecasting system based on ML models, will be able to identify how, when and where to charge electric vehicles for grid balancing. CPO will then be able to offer advantageous charging price at DSO-selected charging stations, attracting more EV users.