NEMO Integration Infrastructure Technology Lab

SU will offer to NEMO full access to the OneLab as an integration of IoT and 5G/B5G testbed facility. The OneLab facility is a state-of-the-art test platform for exploring the design of digital infrastructures. It provides 24/7 remote access to a virtualized and programmable set of resources from IoT to cloud. OneLab allow the experimenter to fully customize its experiment scenario integrating a diverse set of resources either to study very specific design issues or to analyze an end to end scenario. The OneLab federates different facilities offering diversity and scale, among which the NITOS and the FIT test platforms. NITOS offers a Software Defined Radio (SDR) testbed that consists of USRP devices and multiple OpenFlow switches and 5G/LTE equipment, thus enabling experimentation with switching and routing networking protocols. Within NEMO, experimentation using the OpenFlow technology will be combined with the wireless networking and moving robots, hence enabling the construction of more heterogeneous experimental AIoT scenarios. FIT offers more than 2700 wireless static and mobile IoT nodes equipped with various sensors to address AIoT challenges and accelerate the development of protocols, applications, IoT services and IoT technologies ranging. The portal allow the experimenter to browse all resources and reserve the one slivers (virtualized resource instance) that will satisfy his/her need.

OneLab will be used as NEMO Integration Infrastructure to validate mainly the NEMO network requirements, namely IoT/ 5G mNCC communications, resource self-awareness and validate CF-DRL in IoT constrained devices.