Smart Energy & Smart Mobility/City Use Cases & Living Lab

This use case is expected to combine multiple smart meters, RES and photovoltaic cell controllers, energy customers (i.e. Buildings and offices), Medium/Low Voltage (MV/LV) substations, Electric Vehicles (EV) and EV chargers.

Use case Applications

  • Smart Grid Flexibility: Monitoring and analysing the MV/LV electricity voltage quality (i.e. Power Quality, synchro-phasors) is quite important for the Smart Grid stability. Within NEMO, ASM will utilise innovative high-tech power sensors (called RGDM 2.0), which realise advanced protection for MV/LV substation breakers and smart meters in RES, buildings and offices to measure and balance electricity generation/consumption. 
  • Smart Mobility/City: In this scenario, ASM and EMOT, supported by ENG and TSG will realise driver-friendly scenarios for smart city mobility and dispatchable charging of EVs based on RES demand-response along with human-centred smart micro-contracts and micro-payments. The use case will utilize basic geography, street-level, public transportation, weather and noise data, along with historical data and analysis of CCTV/traffic cameras to model and train distributed AI models on traffic flow and parking prediction in a greedy layer wise fashion. The scenario will be open to future autonomous moving buses, though they are not currently foreseen.

In both cases, we will investigate advanced AI-based analytics to train models at different levels at the same time:

  • At AIoT level, for identifying potential local energy grid discrepancies using already trained ML models
  • At Edge cloud, for applications such as protection, power quality and partial discharge detection.
  • At Cloud level to elaboration of streams or pre-elaborated data coming from different locations.

The use cases are expected to implement a Smart Energy and Smart Mobility Living Lab implemented by ASM, the Terni municipal electricity and gas distribution network operator, EMOT and TSG in Terni (Umbria, Italy). The Terni pilot will utilize 4 Medium/Low Voltage substations, a 200 kW photovoltaic local generation plant, which often has an electricity surplus, generated from fluctuating RES and 65 smart EV Chargers. Moreover, a fleet of six leased EVs (Renault Zone) offered by EMOT will be part of the pilot infrastructure together with at least 3 additional smart EV chargers (one 52 kW fast charger and two 22 kW ones). The pilot will utilise WIND 5G network, TSN by CMC and a novel twin Green Data Centres infrastructure (in Italy by ASM and in Germany by RWTH) to utilize energy consumption and green (RES based) microservices execution using CO2 footprint as one of the KPIs.

NEMO as Smart Energy & Smart Mobility Differentiator

  • Deal with TSN and several thousand of nodes using the CMDT concept 
  • Validate Twin Green Clouds infrastructure for micro-services migration in Italy and in Germany
  • Advanced CF-DRL analytics to create models and provide alarms, along with traffic and parking prediction. 
  • Validate NEMO user acceptance from a citizen viewpoint by utilizing the NOVO smart city platform in Terni