Maggioli is a leading Italian company offering a broad range of specific, highly professional solutions in several domains (business areas): i) Information Technology, ii) Services & Technologies, iii) Publishing, Training and Education, iv) Document Management, and v) Museums, Art and Culture. Maggioli is leader in provisioning of complete IT solutions and services for the Local Public sector: more than 6,000 Municipalities out of 8,048 in Italy runs about 100.000 modules provided by Maggioli, while its subsidiary Maggioli Cultura aims to make culture more accessible and interactive. In addition, it provides services and solutions to more than 3,800 museums and 1500 SMEs. The exclusive value proposition combines and integrates design capability, product knowledge and 35 years of experience in the sector. Maggioli has a significant know-how on analysis, design and development of information systems in various technological environments for large and small customers. Maggioli has a successful track of coordinating and supporting large-scale IT projects, an outstanding large-scale software and services engineering and IT integration background, and rich experience in requirement analysis, interoperability technologies, cloud and service-oriented architectures. The company has an extensive experience in designing and managing national and international R&D projects, where plays the role of coordinator, system integrator, software developer, domain expert (Complex System Architectures, Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, XR, etc.) in different domains. Specifically, various cloud-based solutions and services have been developed and are being commercialized targeting both public and private organizations at local, regional and governmental level.

In the European Projects context, Maggioli role is always linked to activities that involve the use of innovative ICT technologies. The initiatives Maggioli collaborates with are oriented to specific areas such as Artificial Intelligence, such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Data Analysis & Predictive, as well as spanning other application domains. Maggioli has developed strictly proprietary Cloud infrastructure and solutions by identifying and leveraging the best technologies on the market to provide customers with the highest levels of security, availability, flexibility and scalability for all their business needs. Maggioli owns 3 Data Centers to secure Cloud solutions with reliable AgID (Agency for Digital Italy)-certified service providers and utmost data integrity through data replication services, multiple backup copies, multiple Internet access points.