This week NEMO Project had the opportunity to attend an online workshop called “Cloud-Edge-IoT Skills Demands For Adoption”. Our Technical Manager, Harry Skianis from Synelixis, was the one in charge of leading Session 2 titled “Smart farming: precision bio-spraying”.

Dr. Skianis was responsible of explaining this use case to the attendees. In particular, precision bio-spraying will be applied by using a combination of micro-clima data collected via Synelixis SynField® IoT nodes and real-time video analysis of olive groves from visual and multi-spectral cameras attached on semi-autonomous drones to identify in real-time where bio-spraying is needed.

The bio-spraying decision will be based on ML models, which will run on the end devices (drones), while increased model performance and increased energy efficiency will be investigated during the training process through Cybersecure Federated Deep Reinforcement Learning (CF-DRL) and flexible deployment of the training jobs across the IoT, edge and cloud resources available.

This proposal will bring many benefits to agriculture such as the protection of olive trees from olive fruit fly through aerial spraying, the optimization of the use of bio-spraying, without compromising organic certification and the efficient and responsible resource utilization within the Smart Farm.

This workshop was part of an event organised by EU_CloudEdgeIoT on May,