NEMO Project had the chance to be present at AIoT Webinar celebrated this month, on the 7th. The online event presented a slot for Open Call Opportunities in the MetaOS. All projects related had the opportunity to explain their activities and objectives.

Our Technical Manager, Harry Skianis from Synelixis, explained the technical challenges and innovations that the project Next Generation Meta Operating Systems is facing like full stack, fully configurable, cloud-native, data aware meta-OS, but also bringing intelligence closer to data or making AI an integral part of meta-OS.

He also made an overview of the next Open Calls that will be taking place in the following months. There will be two calls, the first one to start in September, 2023. With a budget of 90K, this call for proposals, will select 6 SME’s to participate until December, 2023. The second open call, will be held in June 2024, and it will take place until September of that same year. On that occasion the budget goes up to 150K and will choose up to 10 SME to participate.

During the event other Meta-OS projects had the opportunity to show their
work and share their goals.

You may find the video and the presentations here: