Sphynx Technology Solutions (STS) offers products and solutions as well as consulting services, in the areas of cyber intelligence, analytics, incident response, assurance, and certification. STS provides customised and continuous security and privacy assessment solutions, covering the full range of socio-technical aspects of a modern enterprise, for internal risk management and/or external security audit and certification. STS solutions are based on our novel security assurance and certification platform and its advanced analytics and cyber intelligence.

In NEMO, STS is responsible for the Cybersecurity & Digital Identity attestation task which allows the implementation of the NEMO platform based on a “by design” cybersecurity approach. STS is leading the analysis of the cybersecurity requirements of the NEMO platform and the identification of the tools and extensions that are needed so as to ensure end-to-end secure, trusted and traceable micro-services execution. The approaches adopted by Linux (i.e. AppArmor, SELinux, Smack) and Mutual TLS will be further analyzed adopted and utilized wherever possible as well as existing and newly developed Digital Identity attestation and ingress control modules.

STS will mainly work on developing efficient Access control policies which are a fundamental aspect of access management systems. Such policies define the rules and conditions that determine how access rights and permissions are granted or denied to users, resources, or functionalities within a system. These policies play a crucial role in maintaining the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information and resources.

Moreover, STS will develop a novel, yet processing efficient, Identity Management Systems (IMS) that will provide to the overall NEMO platform a centralized framework for managing the lifecycle of digital identities, access privileges, and associated attributes. The developed NEMO IMS will encompass a wide range of capabilities, including identity provisioning, authentication, authorization, and auditing, all of which will contribute to establishing and maintaining a secure and well-managed NEMO identity infrastructure.