Telefónica I+D (also known as TID) is the research and development division of Telefónica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Telefónica I+D is dedicated to innovation, technological advancement, and the development of new products and services in the field of telecommunications.

TID focuses on different areas such as network technologies, software development, big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity. By working together with universities, companies, and startups, TID aims to come up with fresh solutions and promote innovation in the telecommunications field.

The main goal of Telefónica I+D is to stay ahead in technology and offer advanced products and services to Telefónica’s customers. They invest a lot in research and development to help shape the future of telecommunications and provide exciting digital experiences for individuals and businesses.

Within TID, our team works in the Transport IP group as part of the Corporate Technology Unit (CTIO), where we focus on managing networks, making them more flexible, and visualizing how they will evolve in the future. We explore ways to share information about the network’s structure with other components of the system and improve how the overall network is controlled. We investigate new and advanced approaches like Intent-Based Networking, slicing, and programmable devices to make these improvements.

Within NEMO, the main focus of TID activity is on the development of the meta-Network Cluster Controller (mNCC). We collaborate as well with the Micro-services Secure Execution Environment (SEE) and the Meta-Orchestrator module. In these collaborations, we help integrate different parts of the system and explore technologies that ensure applications run securely in specific environments. These technologies are carefully tested and described in terms of their use together with cloud/edge solutions such as Kubernettes.