Netcompany-Intrasoft is a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group with strong international presence and expertise, offering innovative and added-value solutions of the highest quality to a wide range of international and national public and private organizations. The Company’s Head Offices are located in Luxembourg. As of November 2021, Netcompany-Intrasoft became a member of the Netcompany Group, a Denmark located IT company founded in 2000. Netcompany is the fastest growing and most successful IT services company in the Nordics, owning vast technology experience and deep industry-specific knowledge, creating innovative solutions tailored to meet business goals.

Netcompany-Intrasoft employs more than 3,200 highly skilled professionals, representing over 50 different nationalities and mastering more than 30 languages. With headquarters in Luxembourg, Netcompany-Intrasoft operates through its operational branches, subsidiaries and offices in 10 countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Luxembourg, Romania, RSA, Scandinavia, UAE and USA. More than 500 organizations in over 70 countries worldwide (Institutions and Agencies of the European Union, National Government Organizations, Public Agencies, Financial Institutions, Telecommunication Organizations, and Private Enterprises) have chosen the company’s services and solutions to fulfill their business needs. 

Netcompany-Intrasoft’s expertise and strength lie in its proven capacity and successful track record in undertaking and delivering, complex, mission – critical projects. Netcompany-Intrasoft’s RID Department actively contributes to the development of innovative pre-industrial products and services through its participation in EU Research Programmes, posing a successful track record in managing large and complex collaborative research projects, implementing innovative research prototypes, and effectively communicating research results in Europe and beyond. Serving this mission, the Research and Innovation Development (RID) Department contributes to the R&I activities related to Big Data, Data Analytics, Block-chain, AI and DevSecOps.

In NEMO Netcompany-Intrasoft leads WP4 which concerns the design and development of NEMO’s DevZeroOps Service Management Space. The associated technical activities will define and implement the Plugins Installation Manager, the MOCA component to boost pre-commercial exploitation and NEMO’s Intent Migration as a Service and ZeroOps deployment. Moreover, Netcompany-Intrasoft will set up the CI/CD/CP environment and perform verification and validation tests to all software components before they are integrated in the NEMO framework.

Netcompany-Intrasoft also leads the task that aims to realize the NEMO’s PRESS, Safety & Policy enforcement framework to enforce compliance of the NEMO-hosted micro-services to the policies defined by the service and the application providers. In addition, Netcompany-Intrasoft will design and develop a cybersecurity technical solution that will focus on the protection of Federated Learning data/model poisoning attacks. Last but not least, Netcompany-Intrasoft is in charge of the coordination of NEMO’s Open Calls. The main objective of this task is to launch 2 Open Calls to engage cross-sector and cross-border IoT-driven 3rd parties to be part of NEMO programme.