The objective of the NEMO – Open Call #1 is to extend NEMO scope and technology by inviting SMEs active as edge computing, edge and/or native cloud software development, operating systems, IoT/5G networks and IoT manufacturing entities to join the NEMO ecosystem by offering:

  1. NEMO meta-architecture extensions
  2. software components/plugins not covered by current NEMO implementation plan
  3. new network or service/resources metering/automated control components or
  4. porting NEMO on new, highly heterogeneous IoT devices.

The open call will have three phases:

  • DESIGN (3 months duration) allowing the applicant to fine-tune their application concept.
  • DEVELOP (10 months duration) allowing the applicant to develop the proposed SW tools or application providing a MVP.
  • VALIDATE (5 months duration) allowing the applicant to proceed on activities associated with testing and validation of their solution.

The total EU funding available is 900.000. 6 SMEs will be selected and the funding that each SME will receive is up to €150.000. The Expected duration of participation is 18 months, from 1st of March 2024 until 31st of August 2025.

The submissions portal will be open from 1st of September 2023 until 30th of November 2023.

Submissions to the open call will be done exclusively through the F6S platform via

Further information: Details are available via