Synelixis Solutions was founded in 2007 aiming at developing effective and high-quality automation and system control solutions. Synelixis offers services and products in the areas of precision agriculture, the Internet of Things (IoT), security and energy efficiency of information systems, cloud computing and more.

Synelixis technical consulting team, supported by selected partnerships, assists in the planning, design, development, integration, deployment, and ongoing support of multi-vendor technology solutions. Synelixis endeavors to innovate, implement or explore the industry’s most advanced technologies, and translate them into value for our customers through our straight out-from-the box products, a-la-cart solutions and professional user-centric services.

Synelixis operates in the following key areas:

  • Corporate Software Development (B2B) of large Information and Geoinformation systems
  • Cloud services, technical support and application hosting
  • Custom development of specialized hardware and embedded software
  • Precision Agriculture & Smart Irrigation
  • Internet of Things (IoT) integration & smart city solutions

Synelixis has long experience in a variety of international research programs, leading a significant number of them. As a result of this involvement comes our constant engagement with cutting-edge technologies and the development of new ones. Synelixis’ engineers are continuously trained in the use and development of the latest technologies. Thus, the company is able to improve and enrich its existing portfolio of services, designing and implementing innovative solutions to modern problems.

Synelixis provides a flexible precision agriculture solution under the SynField product family. SynField offers smart irrigation and water management with advanced control and monitoring of small and medium-sized farms, smart parks, and water supply networks. It also offers remote monitoring of climatic, environmental and soil conditions (e.g., air temperature, wind speed and direction, rainfall, humidity, soil temperature and conductivity, leaf wetness), while also providing remote control of irrigation and water management systems. 

In NEMO, Synelixis is the Technical Coordinator, ensuring compliance to the project’s technical roadmap and delivery of notable technological outcomes. Synelixis also leads the activities towards the NEMO meta-OS support for ZeroOps deployment and delivery of the “Intent Migration as a Service” model, which will facilitate the adoption of NEMO by third parties. Beyond technological development and technical coordination, within NEMO, Synelixis actively participates in the Smart Farming living lab, powered by Synelixis’ SynField, experimenting on extending its SynField platform to support smart placement of services across the IoT-Edge-Cloud continuum, offering AI in the farm, integration with agri-drones and agro-robots.