Partner ICCS – Institute of Communication and Computer Systems – is a Greek non-profit Academic Research Body carrying research and development activities in the fields of all the diverse aspects of telecommunications and computer systems. ICCS participates in the NEMO project through the Computing Systems Laboratory (CSLab) of the Computer Science Department of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). CSLab members possess great expertise on several aspects of the cloud-to-edge continuum; from low level components, such as the Linux kernel,  virtualization solutions(e.g., QEMU/KVM, XEN, Firecracker), and containers software (e.g., Docker, lxc, Kata Containers) to higher level components, such as Kubernetes, OpenStack, OpenWhisk, OpenFaaS, and Knative.

In the context of NEMO, ICCS members participate in the initial specification and design of the next generation meta-Operating System (mOS), which will be the end result of the project. The main contribution of ICCS is in the definition, design and implementation of the kernel space components of the mOS, which include the Secure Execution Engine (SEE) and the container runtime component. In addition, ICCS participates in the integration and penetration testing activities of the NEMO mOS and contributes to one of the NEMO use cases, in particular the smart farming pilot.