Software Imagination & Vision (SIMAVI) is a Romanian ICT company with extensive expertise in: Cybersecurity & Security, Critical Infrastructures, eHealth, Energy, Mobility and Smart Cities, Industry 5.0, Circular Economy, Computing Technologies, eAgriculture & Food, Smart Communities and Water ecosystems, Green Deal & Environmental Monitoring, Cultural Heritage, XR, Training, ERP & BI, eCustoms, and eGovernment.

SIMAVI has strong experience in R&D projects (LINK, having been involved as coordinator, technological partner & integrator in over 60 Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 projects.

SIMAVI team’s experience is vast, taking over all software development activities in: education, health, customs, nuclear, business, banking, utilities, production etc.

An organization built on a European model, with unique competence centers and internationally competitive specialists, SOFTWARE IMAGINATION & VISION is the Romanian software company that provides IT services directly to European Commission organization.

In NEMO, SIMAVI is responsible for the Requirements analysis, use case refinement and target KPIs task, dedicated to the analysis and design stage of implementing the NEMO solution. In the deliverable dedicated to this analysis, SIMAVI followed a unitary approach to describe and monitor the specific activities of the Pilots, based on uniform templates for gathering relevant information about pilots’ description, use Cases description, Use Cases target KPIs, Functional requirements and Non-Functional requirements.
Apart from the requirements analysis, SIMAVI will support the implementation of the Smart Industry 4.0 use case trial #4, led by Continental, following to realize the fully automated indoor logistics/supply chain by integrating the 3D-Vision Cameras, barcode scanners, Cobots, AGVs, IoT applications and federated ML hosted locally.

Also, SIMAVI is expected to have its contribution in Cybersecurity & Digital Identity attestation task which allows the implementation of the NEMO platform based on a “by design” cybersecurity approach.