Established in 1960, ASM Terni S.p.A. stands as a prominent public utility, jointly owned by the Terni municipality and a consortium of private stakeholders. The company is active in diverse sectors, including electricity generation and distribution, maintenance and management of the gas network, environmental services, and water distribution. ASM Terni places a strong emphasis on ensuring uninterrupted service provision, the enhancement and modernization of vital infrastructure assets, and maintaining a proactive approach to meet the ever-evolving needs of its users.

ASM Terni owns and manages the local power distribution network in the City of Terni, which serves a population of 111,750 over an area of 211 square kilometres. Annually, the company supplies approximately 400 GWh of electricity to 65,000 customers. The distribution network sources electricity from the national transmission grid at a high voltage (HV) level, facilitated through three primary substations. Subsequently, electricity is supplied to residential and commercial customers through an intricate network of 60 medium voltage (MV) lines and 700 secondary substations.

Within the NEMO project, ASM plays a pivotal role as it leads Work Package 5 (WP5) i.e., NEMO Living Labs validation & 3rd party support. WP5 encompasses a spectrum of tasks, including the establishment and execution of the Living Lab validation process, along with providing essential support for third-party components and assets through the Open calls.

ASM also leads the task of smart energy & smart mobility validation. This task will realise the Smart Energy/Smart Mobility use cases. Emphasis will be put on Smart Grid Active Monitoring/Control at real-time using CF-DRL hosted locally on the IoT nodes (smart meters, substations, EV chargers), in the edge and at the cloud, deal with thousands of nodes using the digital twin concept and utilise advanced FML analytics to indicate that maintenance is required before performance degradation or even failure take pace. Moreover, the pilot will validate Smart Mobility scenarios experimenting with the DT concept, EV chargers, EV cars and analysis of physical (i.e. weather, noise, CCTV).