The regulation included in the Data Governance Act creates a new European way of data governance based on increasing trust in data sharing. This will bring significant benefits for both companies and citizens.

The benefits of the application of this act are broad and affect all strategic sectors of the economy, such as energy, health, environment, agriculture, mobility, finance, manufacturing, public administration and skills.

The initiative aims to make more data available and facilitate data sharing across sectors and EU countries in order to leverage the potential of data for the benefit of European citizens and businesses.

This will enable industries to develop innovative products and services, making them more efficient and sustainable. Also, it will be key for training AI systems.

As for the public sector this data availability will permit the development of better policies, leading to more transparent governance and more efficient public services.

Actually, the Data Governance was established already on 23 June 2022, but it had a 15-month grace period that ended last September 2023. To conclude, it will be a powerful engine for innovation and it will create new job opportunities.

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