Antonio Kung is co-founder of Trialog. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of cyber physical systems and the Internet of Things, he brings expertise and know-how particularly on architecture, interoperability or data security and protection.
He presented a talk with the title “Standards (AI, IoT and digital twin) in the making”, the webinar provided useful insight on work in standardisation taking ISO as an example, the process of proposing and developing a standard as well as giving advice on how to participate.

The talk touched important aspects of the standards in the making, starting with the Standardization Process. On this aspect, Antonio Kung presented an example on how you can get involved, starting from registration to the national standardization body, step by step through the necessary actions with focus on the European regulation and AI act.

After the introduction the talk has focused on the Standards in the making with respect to architecture. In this context, examples on IoT, digital twin and Cloud reference architecture have been made. Finally the roadmap about the evolution of the reference architecture has been presented along with the detailed mapping between standards and topics. Trustworthiness is concerning standards and it is defined as the verification of the stakeholder’s expectations. On this view, the related projects, NEMO amongst them, have been shown and presented in relation to the trustworthiness.

Furthermore, data and data space standards overview have been presented as well as interoperability and integration between data, information and knowledge. A cybersecurity evaluation of complex systems referring to ISO/IEC TS 27115 has been discussed in the implementation of the reference architecture level.

Finally, integration issues and a vision and roadmap for a reference architecture for the computing continuum has been presented. A fruitful discussion with the audience concluded the webinar.