AEGIS IT RESEARCH GmbH is a research and development company (SME) based in Germany developing and managing innovative IT solutions for numerous business sectors. It is based on a highly effective professional team consisting of talented researchers and top-class IT experts from all over the world. This team empowers the company with a strong, diverse skill set which helps AEGIS offer innovative products and high-tech business solutions to the market.

AEGIS has a long-term involvement in the entire lifecycle development of cybersecurity, criminal investigation and data management and visualisation solutions, through both research and innovation driven initiatives and commercial projects. The main area of expertise is on providing tools and services in the field of cybersecurity, including digital forensic analysis and investigations, adaptive data visualization systems, access control and network security systems, and privacy preserving systems, and the complete lifecycle of IT systems (design, development, deployment, optimisation and maintenance).

In the context of NEMO project AEGIS is leading T4.1 Plugin & Applications Life-Cycle Manager, a mechanism for plugins and applications life cycle management across the NEMO ecosystem. AEGIS will provide the interface to NEMO end-users to register, deploy and manage workloads and monitor events and security incidents.