The 1st International Workshop on MetaOS for the Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum (MECC 2024) is being co-organized by NEMO. This workshop will be held in conjunction with the esteemed ACM EuroSys 2024 conference, which will be held in Athens from April 22–25, 2024.

The goal of MECC 2024 is to give a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges that MetaOS presents when coordinating the Cloud-Edge-IoT ecosystem.

A range of technical talks, interactive sessions, and panel discussions will be included in the workshop, with an emphasis on important topics including standardization, interoperability, and the integration of MetaOS with pertinent open-source projects. In order to advance the field of MetaOS, participants will have the chance to collaborate on creative solutions, share ground-breaking research findings, and exchange ideas.

In order to contribute to the collaborative growth of MetaOS and its revolutionary influence on the Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum, NEMO invites researchers, academics, industry experts, and enthusiasts worldwide to participate in this ground-breaking workshop at ACM EuroSys 2024.

Topics of interest

  • Enablers, tools and mechanisms for MetaOS, services and applications
  • Latency, scalability, and connectivity issues in the continuum
  • Data protection, privacy, and defense mechanisms against emerging threats
  • Solutions and algorithms for distributed processing at the edge
  • Real-time decision making and AI models based on heterogeneous data
  • Practical applications of MetaOS in various industries, e.g., healthcare, smart cities, and industrial automation
  • AI/ML for resource allocation and predictive maintenance
  • Service and network orchestration in the continuum
  • Serverless computing and Function-as-a-Service in the MetaOS
  • Energy efficiency and resource optimization by exploiting MetaOS benefits
  • Multi-tenancy at the edge of the network
  • Open Hardware and Software solutions for the MetaOS
  • Novel solutions for a transparent service migration across (far) regions
  • Business models for a multi-stakeholder MetaOS-based computing continuum

Important Dates

Workshop Paper Submission: February 11, 2024
Workshop Notification of Acceptance: February 25, 2024
Camera-ready Submission: March 15, 2024
Workshop Date: April 22, 22024

More information can be found in the workshop call for papers.