The NEMO project was presented by Synelixis at the 30th Anniversary International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, AGROTICA 2024. The exhibition was held at the International Exhibition and Conference Centre of Thessaloniki, from the 1st to 4th of February 2024. Agrotica is the largest trade fair in the Southeastern Mediterranean, presenting the new trends and the global technology of the entire spectrum of agricultural entrepreneurship. 

In total 1,800 exhibitors from 49 countries participated in the event, while the cumulative attendance of visitors, from Greece and 17 foreign countries, exceeded 150 thousand people, creating thus a huge networking core for the primary production sector.

During the exhibition, we had the opportunity to inform visitors about the NEMO project in Synelixis’ stand and provide insights on the benefits brought by NEMO innovations in Smart Agriculture and precision farming. The audience showed significant interest on the energy efficiency and sustainability promoted by NEMO for Smart Agriculture operations, as well as ον the democratization of both resources and AI operations in Smart Farming business.

Within NEMO, Synelixis actively participates in the Smart Farming living lab, powered by Synelixis’ SynField, which is the company’s smart agriculture solution and has been presented at the exhibition. The pilot use cases aim to validate and demonstrate resource savings and yield increase through both aerial and terrestrial precision spraying in bio-certified olive groves. Thus, Synelixis experiments on extending its SynField platform, in order to support smart placement of services across the IoT-Edge-Cloud continuum, offering AI in the farm, while integrating with agri-drones and agro-robots.