NEMO has been at the 1st Automation & Robotics Exhibition in Athens! The A &R EXPO ’24 took place on 12-14 April 2024 at the Athens Metropolitan Expo. NEMO has been hosted at our partner’s Synelixis’ booth, where visitors had the chance to get insights about NEMO’s innovative contributions and potential to automate Smart Agriculture processes by combining smart monitoring with precision farming via autonomous drones and agri-robots. Visitors expressed high interest in the technologies incorporated in the NEMO project as per agri-environmental monitoring and precision farming solutions, including Synelixis’ SynField smart agriculture solution, autonomous drones and agri-robots integrated into a holistic Smart Agricultural solution leveraging the merits of AI, IoT and edge computing, as proposed and implemented in NEMO. Moreover, visitors have welcomed the NEMO approach on cost savings for the farmer through energy- and carbon aware utilization of resources, as a viable way for adoption of Smart Farming technological innovations.