On the WP6 side the presentation was well received and triggered interesting conversation. In fact, WP6 is the work package dedicated to the ‘outreach and impact’ aspects, focusing on increasing the visibility of the NEMO project in order to attract the first users and to encourage the current consortium to continue and maintain the activities in the project. In other words, the objective of WP6 is to sustain the project by initiating a community of consumers and developers of NEMO technologies.In particular, the work package formed an Advisory Board for collecting feedback and advice on system approach. The work package is consolidating project results and preparing the ground for their large-scale exploitation, also by triggering the scientific and technical communities to bring forward the state of the art on project technologies. Furthermore, the work package aim is to set-up communication channels to disseminate Open Calls and project outcomes as well as contribute to relevant Open source communities & foundations, standards organizations, and associations.