At the mid-review meeting for the NEMO project, progress across all tasks of Work Package 5 was presented. This included updates on the open data management plan, the setup of trial sites, and early results from the pilots. The reviewers well received the presentation, expressing appreciation for the efforts to date and providing positive feedback.

One of the main topics discussed was the NEMO project’s potential to impact diverse sectors such as farming, energy, mobility/city, industry, and media & XR. Particularly noteworthy is the commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, a core objective that resonates strongly with the project’s sustainability goals. The discussions delved into the methods for monitoring CO2 reduction during and after the validation activities, emphasizing the dedication to environmental consciousness. Additional discussions focused on another key objective of Work Package 5: integrating new components introduced through open calls and providing the necessary support to develop further proof-of-concept demonstrators. These initiatives are crucial as they underscore the practical applications and benefits of the project’s open collaboration model.

As we move forward with the NEMO project, we will use the feedback received during the review to refine our efforts and enhance our work.