NEMO perspective has been shared during the fruitful Panel Discussion “Meta Operating Systems for The Edge Continuum: Current Status, Trends, and Challenges”, which took place in the context of 1st International Workshop on MetaOS for the Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum (MECC 2024) on April 22nd 2024 in Athens, Greece. Dr Terpsi Velivassaki (SYN), NEMO Technical Coordinator, joined the panel together with Vasilis Pitsilis (aerOS) Fulvio Risso (FLUIDOS ), Panagiotis Trakadas (EICOS), Yiannis Verginadis (NebulOuS) and Anastasios Zafeiropoulos (NEPHELE).

The discussion touched on the topics of how meta-OS is conceived across the six EU-funded projects, with a consensus on the IoT, edge and cloud resources abstraction for the delivery of a multitude of diverse containerized distributed applications under defined requirements. The orchestration and discovery of such resources and applications attracted attention of the panelists, who shared their projects’ approach on these matters. Moreover, the southbound boundaries of such ochestration has been duly discussed and projects’ views on the integration of low-end IoT devices have been presented.

Furthermore, the panel agreed that latency-critical and crisis management applications will be the first candidates to benefit from the developed meta-OS, before it becomes a commodity for application delivery.

It has to be noted that all projects’ representatives have been very positive on the content and outcomes of the discussion, which led to seeking collaboration opportunities in frequent future interactions either as in form of exchange of ideas or even common approach on protocols’ specifications.