Nemo Project was present in the Regional Growth Conference (RGC 2024) that took place in the greek city of Patras between May, 30th and June, 1st. A workshop called «Augmented Reality for the Industry: a hands-on session» was celebrated and lasted about 2h in total. During this workshop we had the chance to promote the work done in ARGO and NEMO project in general. It was also an on-hands workshop so participants were able to wear AR devices and test the ARGO applications locally.

The Regional Growth Conference (RGC) its an annual event that takes places since 2013. Organised by the oldest newspaper in Greece, the Peloponnisus, it serves as a public platform for dialogue between governmental, regional, academic and business representatives. Its main goal is to address challenges, best practices and policies promoted by European Institutions that need to be implemented in the Regional Development in an effort to bring forward the necessary regional governance model for Greece.