Several partners of NEMO consortium travelled this week to Antwerp to attend the EuCNC 6G Summit. An excellent opportunity to explain NEMO Project, its Use Cases and aproaches. During the event, they celebrated a workshop called “Next-Generation Meta-Operating system for the AIoT-Edge-Cloud-continuum”.

During the session, number 4, ΝΕΜΟ project explained how it establishes itself as the gamechanger of the AIoT-edge-cloud continuum by introducing an open source, modular and cybersecure meta-operating system, leveraging on existing technologies and introducing novel concepts, methods, tools, testing and engagement campaigns. In this session, NEMO will bring its perspective on the need for a metaOS network management for 6G.

The 2024 EuCNC & 6G Summit has brought together cutting-edge research and world-renown industries and businesses, globally attracting in the last years more than 900 delegates from more than 40 countries all over the world, to present and discuss the latest results, and an exhibition with more than 50 exhibitors, for demonstrating the technology developed in the area, namely within research projects from EU R&I programmes.

More info about the workshop: