NEMO participated in SpliTech 2024 event that took place in Split – Bol, June 25-28, 2024 during a Special Session on Blockchain applications and Cybersecurity solutions. Rosaria Rossini, from our partner Eclipse Foundation was the one in charge of giving the workshop and she explained thoroughly the project to the attending audience. But also other members of the consortium were able to participate: Terpsichori-Helen Velivassaki (Synelixis Solutions S.A., Greece); Theodore Zahariadis (University of Athens & Synelixis Solutions S.A., Greece); Panagiotis Karkazis (University of West Attika, Greece); Dimitrios Skias (Netcompany, Italy); Enric Pere Pages Montanera (Atos, Italy); Artemis Voulkidis (Synelixis Solutions SA & Power Operations Limited, United Kingdom (Great Britain).

The open source approach aligns with the values of transparency, collaboration, security, and digital sovereignty that are important to many European countries and institutions. It offers practical advantages, cost savings, and opportunities for innovation that contribute to the region’s technological advancement and competi- tiveness. Open source software also fosters collaboration among developers and encourages innovation. On top of these values, NExt generation Meta Operating systems (NEMO) builds the future of the AIoT-edge- cloud continuum by introducing an open source, modu- lar and cyber-secure meta-operating system (metaOS). In this paper, the open source components of the NEMO metaOS are presented for each functional layer in the NEMO architecture, demonstrating the value of open source for the metaOS sustainability.